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Lean Installations

We Specialize in Lean Installations

Nix Installations offers a comprehensive moving plan.  Our plans are designed to assure that you have a flawless move from start to finish.  All you have to do is give us the basic project scope and we take it from there. We will identify everything that needs to be moved from your current location to your new one. 

Commercial Services

Education Furniture Installations

  • Furniture disassembly & protection

  • Packing & tagging of workspace content

  • Transport

  • Installation

  • Reconfiguration

  • Waste removal

  • Administration Furniture

  • Classroom, training room, tables & desks

  • Computer labs

  • Cafeteria tables

  • Library ensemble

  • Residential hall furniture


Regular Services

  • Office furniture installations

  • Lean installations

  • Office relocation

  • Storage

  • Touch up

  • Repair

Additional Services

  • Building to building internal relocation

  • On-site furniture service work

  • Packing and set up filing systems & shelving content

  • Moving of electronics, computers & server rooms

  • Installation of new products

  • Building clear out

Office Hours


7:30 Am - 5:30 PM

Installation and Relocation


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