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​LONGEVITY: Nix Installations has been in the office furniture business for 17 years. Our owner has over 28 years of experience in this industry and believes customer service is job one.​


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About Us

Nix Installations is a value driven, complete turnkey commercial furniture installation and relocation service committed to excellent customer service and competitive prices.

We offer complete office and school furniture sales, installation, and reconfiguration work. 


We handle used furniture as well as brand new designs. We install all brands of commercial products as well as dispose of existing products. We are here to assist you every step of the way.  We will help you decide which pieces fit your business model and your space planning.  

Our goal is to build a strong business relationship with you by offering you the best customer service. 


We apply best practices that reduce the time and cost of installation projects.

We are a 24/7 operating company and we perform most of our relocation after regular business hours and on weekends, which allows you to run  your business uninterrupted.

We handle projects of all sizes. Rest assured that the job, no matter the size, will be thoroughly planned, executed and completed on time and within budget.


Our team of professional movers will assure that your business is moved quickly and efficiently.  

With over 30 years experience we know how to handle all your needs.  We know what it takes to plan, coordinate, and install!  
We know the needs of corporations today, which makes us qualified to handle your installation or relocation.

We can provide your company with everything from space planning to relocation of your employees.

With each project you will receive our commitment of quality installation and service that has kept us in business for over 19


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